IANNACE REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT is a Category 7 approved operation.

certificateIannace Refrigerated Transport is a family owned company with head offices in Adelaide SA. Current operations began in 1998 when we perceived a shortage in the specialised area of refrigerated food transport to clients in particular areas around Adelaide, especially the Hills areas to the east of the city. We quickly established a reputation for exceptional service and demand for expansion of our coverage quickly grew to include most of the Adelaide region. We will continue to offer additional coverage as demand by new or existing clients makes it financially sustainable to do so.

Iannace Transport is an innovative and unique company within this specialised area of the transport industry. We have a passionate commitment to providing a personalised premium service, with an emphasis on flexibility, all at competitive rates to allow you a cost effective but satisfying solution to your transport needs. We believe that it is imperative that our customers know that we can contribute to their public image and reputation. We see the representation of your company to your clients as a joint responsibility, and our commitment to total quality of service is what we think instills the confidence of our existing clients that they can give their customers the service they need. We believe we can grow, and help you to grow your business, but only if we deliver. And delivering is our business.

Achieving our goal requires building strong and very positive relationships with our clients. We think that a family owned business is ideally suited to create this environment because we know how to guarantee personal attention to every detail. We know that only through communication, evaluation and consultation can a good relationship be built and maintained, just the same as it is done in a family. Please remember that we want to be your partner in solving your food transportation problems.