Cold Storage Problems?


We have chiller and frozen facilities available.

We recognise that a customer's storage needs change at various times during the year. We can offer your business storage facilities on a regular or demand basis. We cater for both small and large clients. We can store only, store and distribute or even distribute only. We specialise in a flexible approach to our client's needs so we can ensure their products are stored, handled and transported in a controlled yet cost effective manner.

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Your Guarantee

IANNACE REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT offer a complete distribution service for your fresh products.

Iannace Transport meets HACCP requirements in the following ways:

  • The "cold chain" is given total quality management at all times.
  • Products are monitored and temperature probed, from the time they are received at our store until their delivery, with calibrated equipment which shows true and accurate temperatures.
  • Products are shipped in hygienically clean vehicles.
  • Potential or actual problems with any product on arrival, or at any time, are reported immediately to our customers and mutually acceptable solutions are sought to eliminate further instances of the problem.
  • We do not accept products which arrive at a temperature that is outside the manufacturer's recommended standard for the product.
  • We maintain products within the 'cold chain' at all times.

No more worries about:

  • Broken down vehicles
  • Late deliveries
  • Staff shortages

We worry about it all.